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Yoga Psychotherapy

Yoga Psychotherapy is a way of bringing self-awareness and insight to a person’s life using the concepts of yoga philosophy.  This can begin with an understanding of how present moment awareness brings clarity and non judgment to our mental states, through the use of simple techniques of noticing our senses, witnessing the breath, connecting with the movement of the body, and the practice of meditation.  Yoga Psychotherapy uses ancient knowledge based on the teachings of the layers of the body known as Koshas and the energy channels known as Chakras, to help individuals connect with more subtle awareness of their body mind. The understanding of the different practices of yoga, and of how energy centers and the Gunas - Rajas (movement), Sattva (light) and Tamas (darkness) can fluctuate and affects a person’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being can help individuals create a more balanced existence.  

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