About Susan


Hello! My name is Susan Adams, and I am licensed by the Board of Behavioral Health Examiners to practice psychotherapy as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).  My philosophy is to create a therapeutic relationship that focuses on your dreams, goals and unique potential as a human being; while using your strengths and abilities to find balance and growth in everyday life.

I help individuals identify and understand their fundamental instinctive reaction to their environment (people, places & things), through mindful awareness of emotions (mood & affect), thoughts (beliefs, images & memories), behaviors (what you say & do), and physiological factors (how your body responds). Understanding this natural-occurring process of how individuals interact within their environment lays the groundwork in creating life-long change and personal transformation.


My training background and education supports a holistic treatment philosophy and my approach to therapy is integrative and collaborative, where client and therapist work together, using the strengths and experience of both to provide the necessary tools and skills for emotional health and relational wellbeing. Please join me as we work together to find your unique potential in life, career and relationship matters.  I look forward to meeting with you and supporting you while you redesign your life!