Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM)

I was introduced to the book, The Comprehensive Resource Model®: Effective therapeutic techniques for the healing of complex trauma (written by Lisa Schwarz, Frank Corrigan, Alastair Hull, and Rajiv Raju) several years ago and just recently began training to explore this method further.  


The beauty of this model is that it is a heart-centered approach in which clients are guided to re-member who they really are and to learn to embody their true authentic self by addressing early trauma memory that is stored in the brainstem (vs at the cortical level).  


This model also works with generational trauma out of the realm of the client’s conscious knowledge. This model is authentic and eclectic in that the resources include eye position, breath work, imagery, attachment/attunement techniques, and spiritual connection with very specific ways to connect to and release long-held feelings, beliefs and memory.

The CRM method may feel very unfamiliar compared to more traditional therapies because of how this model addresses early and generational trauma, the importance of the therapeutic relationship, and the reduction of the fear-based reactivity as the client heals old patterns and wounds though memory reconciliation.  

I will be offering this model as I complete my Training with Lisa Schwarz.