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The Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM)

The Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM) is a set of skills created to take people from despair to hope through simple wellness skills and to reprocess traumatic symptoms to bring the body-mind-spirit back into balance.

TRM is designed to teach the skills to human beings that are experiencing toxic stress reactions and can be used as a wellness practice to reduce stress and increase our capacity to be our best self after experiencing even minor difficult life experiences.

The key to using these skills is to understand that our biological reaction to stress and trauma is a natural occurring biological process, and that once understood how and why it works, the skills can be used to support the nervous system using a specific set of skills that incorporate mindfulness, compassion, and a sense of redirection towards our true Self.  This opens up to new establishing new neuropathways and experiencing life in a more meaningful, kind and loving way.


The skill set provides us with a  more neutral or pleasant experience, with the ability to finding more balance and wisdom, and the opportunity to present our human potential through a more focused process of managing and supporting the inner workings of our internal survival system.

You can download the iChill app (free) here:

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